The Commons


  The Place to be in Alexandria, Indiana

We are so excited about our 2015 Shows & Events.

We think you will be too.

This event is an opportunity we would normally have to travel miles to attend, but it’s right here in Alexandria!

Young people, grab a friend or six and come to The Commons for a fantastic evening on Friday, January 23. You’ll be glad you did.

Hosted by DJ KIRK

  • TRU-SERVA - Growing up in single parent home Marcus was forced to raise himself while his Mom worked two jobs to provide for the family. Trapped in a materialistic society he chased after self-satisfaction, experiencing a void of true love. He was left broken after a long pursuit to fill that void, until one day, at age 16, while TRU was at the end of his rope, drained from the emptiness of unfulfilling pleasure, he came face to face with Christ. He chose to take a spiritual step and committed to a personal relationship with Jesus. Seeing himself as an over comer and example of hope to many, TRU uses his talent of hip-hop to help change lives.
  • 513 FREE - started out of a desire to follow Galatians 5:13, "You my brothers are called to be free, but do not use your freedom for your own selfish nature, rather serve one another in love." The group of talented musicians has traveled all over the US performing for free more than 500 times and includes Jesse Hamble - Vocals & Guitar; Jonny Stoll - Guitar & Vocals; Nate Strenke – Drums; Michael Sandvig - Keys & Vocals.

  • Dylan McKneely -  aka “Styphone has a heart for today’s teens. Using Christian Rap, Hip Hop and Pop music, Dylan brings a motivational message to teens. Back in Alexandria for his third year, Dylan brings other great musicians with him for a full evening you won’t want to miss!

February 20-22nd

Directed by Tommy Thomas

The Apple Tree, music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, consists of three one-act musicals about men, women and struggles with temptation.

The first, "The Diary Of Adam And Eve," is based on a book by Mark Twain. The second, The Lady Or The Tiger?," explores the fickleness of love in a rock and roll fable set in a mythical barbarian kingdom. The last Act, "Passionella" is based on Jules Feiffer's story about a chimney sweep whose dreams of being a "glamorous movie star" nearly sabotage her one chance for true love.

204 W Church Street, Alexandria, Indiana 46001